Customized service

Each contact Agrinsul has with its customers is considered an unique moment, which means that your satisfaction is our big priority. Thus, we permanently invest in our workers' training, to increase their skills, both at the level of product knowledge and its applications, and at the level of customized service.

Post-sale Service

At Agrinsul, we believe the choice of the products we market is the first step to build a strong and trustworthy relationship with the customers. However, when something goes less well or for some reason there's a damage, Agrinsul has an efficient post-sale service that worries about solving the presented challenge with the greatest quickness possível. Alligned with a continuous improvement process, we believe a customer's dissatisfaction is always an opportunity to improve our services, and thus we deeply encourage our customers to formalize by writing all their dissatisfactions or opinions with possible improvement points.

Repair Service

At Agrinsul, you will find a highly specialized repair service, where, together with the brands themselves, a high efficiency level is kept. Our technical facilities, with about 500m2, are located in Mulemba, in the outskirts of Luanda, to where a messenger travels daily from our shop in Luanda to guarantee quickness in transporting small faulty equipment. When the equipment is of difficult transportation, one of our technicians travels to the customer's facilities.

Sales Conditions

Since Agrinsul's main objective and priority is keeping its customers as happy as possible, and with the intent of never letting their expectations down, we make it a point to publicly and clearly present our General Sales Conditions

Delivery service

With the purpose of ensuring on time deliveries of the purchased products, Agrinsul has two vehicles circulating daily in Luanda, in Lobito and Benguela, and a vehicle that makes the trip between Luanda, Porto Amboim and Lobito weekly. Whenever the customer needs this service, for size or even convenience matters, it is freely made available for any order higher than 1.000USD (according a pre-scheduling at one of our stores). Besides this organized transportation, in case the merchandise is easy to carry, your Agrinsul Commercial Technician will be happy to visit you and deliver your order.